Cliche Handwritten FP Mid Pre-Built Complete Blue/Red - 7.375"

SKU: 194521030520

£50 £60

10526266Y BLUE/RED.

Deck - 7.375'' x 29.8''
Tensor Trucks
52mm/92A Wheels
Ready Built

First Push Series: Designed Specifically for Beginners

7-Ply Hardrock Maple w/ Stiff Glue
Specifically designed with starters in mind the First Push Complete series have been tailored to give superior control, easy turning and maximum performance so you can learn to nail down those core skills and tricks!

Why it's better for beginners? The dimensions are shape & scaled for beginner skaters. It also has custom concave for more control, Improved wheel formula for park and street and softer bushing for easier turning.


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