Almost Yogi Bear Picnic R7 Deck Cooper Wilt - 8.125"

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Item Code: 661844

Width: 8.125 Inches
Almost and Hanna-Barbera have joined forces in an eye-popping spinoff to help skaters, young and old, relive their youth! With their colourful, stained background and clean-cut graphic, iconic cartoons from the 90's are brought back to life so that you can skate together with your favourite characters! Afterall, like skating, who doesn't love cartoons?!

Check out this board, it's super duper! It's the Yogi Bear board for Almost's Cooper! This sharp and tasteful design is perfect for unleashing your wild side whilst making sure that you always land on your feet! Combined with the R7 construction and solid build, this board is certainly better than your av-er-age deck! Grab a fistful of fun today by picking up this bear-iffic piece of wood!

- Top ply stain may vary.