Slant Mag Reverse Kingpin Trucks 1 Pair Grey/Black 150mm

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£55 £65

10425002 GRY/BLK.

Slant trucks are designed for a variety of uses, from cruising to carving to free-riding. The aluminum cast hangers are reversible for both 54 and 50 degree options. They come installed at 50 degrees for stability at high speeds, or flip 'em over to 54 degrees for tighter turns. They also come stock with a barrel + cone bushing combo. The barrel bushings provide stability while the cone allows for more maneuverability on your carves.

- Axle width: 8.5"
- Hanger width: 150mm
- Reversible 50/54 degree hangers
- Flip the hanger over to 54 degrees for tighter turns
- Barrel + Cone bushing combo


Only 3 pieces in stock!

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