Birdhouse 5.25 Component Undercarriage Kit Silver/Black - 8"

SKU: 5055836592286


BIR-KIT-0002 BIR-KIT-0003.

Trucks: Birdhouse Logo Black/Raw - 5.52"
Wheels: B Logo 52mm, 99A
Bearings: ABEC 5 + Spacers
Hardware: 1" Allen Bolts
Grip Tape: 9" Wide Sheet
Tool: Birdhouse Multi-Tool
Risers: 1/8"
Recommended for Decks Widths: 7.75" - 8.25"

Want to build your own setup but not sure what you need, or just want to get back to skating asap. We have the solution, the Birdhouse component kit has every thing you need to turn your deck into a complete skateboard. This Birdhouse truck set has the full complement of items you need to get your new deck skate read and even include a multi skate tool to assemble it all together.


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