DC EMB Snowboard 2022 Multi 160cm

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The EMB (Every Man's Board) from DC is a versatile, all-terrain snowboard that celebrates DC's shared skate and snow heritage.

The EMB features DC's Traditional Camber which offers explosive ollies and powerful turns by inherently loading up the tip and tail.

The Reactive Core used in the EMB has lightweight poplar running tip-to-tail providing lightweight flexibility underfoot while durable beech is used along the edges for impact resistance and increased control, coming together for a playful but super responsive ride.

A skate-style construction of Biax Fibreglass Laminate provides a forgiving, mellow feel whilst the extruded True Base offers great durability and glide on all snow surfaces.

To further celebrate the unending connection between skate and snow, we let Prisma artist Nick Pourfar create a custom top graphic out of upcycled skate decks.

The EMBis for the rider who sees every bump and contour as presenting new possibilities.

Features Include

Traditional Camber - Providing the stability and pop many shreds need, the uncomplicated baseline provides a freestyle friendly flex without losing the support and trust required for stomping landings

Reactive Core - Lightweight poplar running tip to tail combined with beech along the edges for a playful but responsive ride.

Biax Laminates - 2 directions of laminated fibreglass give a loose feel and consistent flex without adding weight

Sintered Supreme Base - DC's fastest base, stoneground for smooth and fast running

The Lowdown
Rider Profile: Great for all abilities
Mountain Profile: All Mountain
Camber Profile: Traditional Camber
Shape: Directional
Base: Sintered Base
Flex: Medium
Condition: Brand New - Factory Waxed

Base colour varies


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