Footprint Kingfoam Shaun Mac Elite Insoles Multi


Item Code: 398060

Protect your feet and give yourself healthy endurance with the Footprint Kingfoam Insoles, providing impeccable impact support deflecting up to 90% of impact energy. Due to every foot being shaped differently, these insoles have been manufactured with High Density Memory Foam Nanotechnology allowing them to mold to your feet for a custom snug fit. Perfect for skateboarding and active lifestyles, these insoles boast durable firm support and longevity.

- High Density Memory Foam Nanotechnology: mold to your feet overtime for a custom snug fit.
- Provide superior boardfeel.
- Open cell foam allows moisture to evaporate and not get trapped inside the insole.
- 9mm heel to a 5mm toe.
- Trimmable to size 6-12.
- Heel cup wraps the entire ball of heel.
- Arti-Lage foam deflects up to 90% of impact energy.
- Thick skin encases foam for extreme durability.
- Duraweave reinforced fabric topcover.