Independent Genuine Spare Parts Kit Green

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Never miss a skate session again with the Independent Genuine Spare Parts Skateboard Kit. This convenient bundle comes with all the important maintenance parts that commonly fail and stop you skating, usually right in the middle of a rad sesh! The kit includes multiple bolts, nuts, cushions and washers; everything you need to swap out worn components from your skateboard. Sleek and enclosed in a hard plastic case, this skateboard kit is perfect for skate trips, travelling and storing in your backpack.

Genuine Spare Parts Skateboard Kit from Independent Includes:

Hard plastic case with woven clip and loop for easy handling.
Printed Indy logo graphic on the front of the case.
2 GP-S bearings.
1 set of 7/8" black bolts/nuts.
1 set assorted 7/8" silver, gold, red bolts/nuts.
2 pivot cups.
1 set 88a red cushions.
1 set 90a orange cushions.
2 top cup washers.
2 bottom cup washers.
4 bearing spacers.
8 speed rings.
4 axles nuts.
2 kingpin nuts.


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