Independent Stage-11 139 Hollow Figgy Faded Standard Trucks 1 Pair Silver - 8.00"


Item Code: 396557

One of the gnarliest to ever ride a skateboard, Justin 'Figgy' Figueroa'new pro skateboard truck for Independent. Figgy's new Indy truck comes in polished silver with a 'Figgy' faded pad printed logo, purple cushions, and silver hardware. Don't get caught slipping, we made short and long sleeve t-shirts too. Get em' while you can. Ride the best, F%ck the rest. Independent Trucks Stage XI Hollows feature hollow Chromoly steel axles and kingpins. 7% lighter than a regular Stage XI, 55mm tall.

- HEIGHT 55mm
- AXLE: 8"
- HANGER: 137 mm
- WEIGHT: 351g