Madness Downward Super Sap R7 Deck Trey Wood - 8.25"

SKU: 063CI0A

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width: 8.25"
length: 32.1"
wheelbase: 14.25"
nose: 7.125"
tail: 6.5"

medium concave
standard popsicle shape
Resin-7 construction
seven plies of North American maple wood from the Regrowth Program with Super Sap® epoxy resin
eco-friendly Super Sap® resin is formulated with recycled, biobased and renewable raw materials
stronger, stiffer, lighter, more resilient
single deck press - same shape and concave every time
Trey Wood pro model


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Grip Tape
£3 off grip with a deck
Add your deck, then choose your grip

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