New Deal Douglas Chums Screen Print Deck Maroon - 9.75"

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Screen printed LTD edition.

Steve Douglas Model
Artwork By Mick Forster

Resin-7 Construction boards are single pressed meaning that each board is identical to its brother on the shelf. Made from 7 plies of Canadian hardrock maple, the Resin-7 construction uses a gnarly epoxy that allows for more strength with less glue. This means that Resin-7 decks are considerably lighter, stiffer and longer lasting than traditional 7-ply construction.

SIZE 9.75
WIDTH (IN): 9.75
LENGTH (IN): 31.3
WHEELBASE (IN): 14.5 - 15.0
NOSE (IN): 5.25 - 5.75
TAIL (IN): 6.875

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