Ocean Pacific Swell Pin Tail Longboard Navy/Off White - 40"

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Looking for a pleasurable cruise for all your late-night summer cruises?

The Dawn is here to meet your demands for a commuter longboard that is oozing with both island surf vibes and dope colours. And don't worry about bringing a bottle opener, the Dawn longboard is born with on built-in to the deck.

Solid base for long rides

Setup to provide you with a comfy base that is easy to handle
Stability is delivered by the sheer size and the chilled out concave shape

Deck width:8.75" (22.2cm)
Deck length:40" (101.6cm)
Deck material:Chinese maple, 8-ply
Deck features:Wheel wells, Pin tail
Grip tape:Pre-gripped
Truck type:Inverted kingpin, Standard hanger
Hanger width:7" (180mm)
Axle Width:10"
Bushings:90A, SHR
Wheel diameter:70mm
Wheel width:51mm
Wheel hardness:78A
Wheel material:PU casted
Bearing precision:ABEC-7
Skill Level:First timer, Beginner, Intermediate
Riding Style:Dancing, Cruise, Carving

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