Powell Peralta GeeGah Ripper 179 Reissue Deck Aqua - 9.75"

SKU: 084WD0A

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The classic Bones Ripper looks amazing on this Aqua coloured Gee Gah shape here. 9.75" wide and 30.0" long it has a 15.125" wheelbase and is drilled with the classic old school truck pattern. The Gee Gah was originally produced between 1987-1988 and has bumps at the back to reduce breakage as lots of boards in that era were coming back broken, mainly caused by Jump Ramp landings

Geegah Shape
Classic Powell Ripper Graphic
9.75" x 30.0"
15.125" Wheelbase
Old School Truck Hole Pattern
Colour - Aqua


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