REKD Youth Heavy Duty Double Pad Set Black/Grey - Kids

SKU: 5059028000030



REKD Protection’s Heavy Duty Double Pad Set offers premium protection for knees and elbows. Featuring hard wearing impact caps, dual elasticated Velcro straps and elasticated fitting socks, these high quality protection pads are great for a wide range of action sports. Finished with premium embroidered logos and pattern print.

  • Hard Wearing Impact Caps
  • Dual Elasticated Velcro Straps
  • Elasticated Fitting Sock
  • Soft Comfort Lining

Approximate Sizing:
For accurate sizing, measure 3-5cm above the knee and 2-4cm above the elbow

Knee: Up to 26 cm
Elbow: Up to 23cm

Knee: Up to 30cm
Elbow: up to 26cm

Knee: Up to 34cm
Elbow: Up to 30cm


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