Santa Cruz Grosso Demon Deck Green Candy Metallic - 9.98"


Item Code: 659641986114

Width: 9.98 Inches

Reissue of the Grosso "Demon" deck  originally released in 1987s - the boom time!

First time this graphic has been re-issued by Santa Cruz so your first chance to snare one of these without shelling out £1000+.  Yes, that is what a New Old Stock one would set you back.

Graphics as ever by Santa Cruz artist Jim Phillips.

It has a medium depth concave, a very slightly kicked nose and a steep tail plus front rocker - Cruz Missile Concave I think but it doesn't say on the deck?

All pretty much as the original; same shape, concave, size, tail, etc. but now drilled for modern trucks so if you want to fit original 80s ones you'll have to drill a couple of extra holes.  This isn't a problem any extra holes would be hidden under grip tape and under the baseplates...until you take a board apart you'd never know.