Santa Cruz Jason Jessee Guadalupe Deck Orange Neon Dip/Metallic Ink - 9.8"

£100.00 £70.00

Item Code: 400320

Width: 9.80 Inches

Re-issue of the Jason Jessee "Guadalupe" deck originally released in the very early 1990s - just before decks went all "popsicle" shaped. The finish on this one is something else as it is fully "dipped" in pink matallic paint!

It has a medium/deep concave, a longkicked nose and a steep tail.

All pretty much as the original; same shape, concave, size, tail, etc. but now drilled for modern trucks so if you want to fit original 80s ones you'll have to drill a couple of extra holes. This isn't a problem as some decks came drilled for both new and old (6 holes per truck) during the change over period in the early 90s. Any extra holes would be hidden under griptape and under the baseplates...until you take a board appart you'd never know.