Tech Deck Sk8 Shop Bonus Pack World Series - Santa Cruz

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Each Sk8shop Bonus Pack includes everything you need to build 3 custom boards, with extra boards, wheels, stickers and tools to customize any way you like. There are a ton of Decks to collect! If you want real skate graphics from real skate companies, then it's got to be Tech Deck — collect the deck!

  • Sk8shop Bonus Pack includes 6 Real boards.
  • Build and customize complete boards any way you want.
  • Find the golden trucks hidden in select packs!
  • Tech Deck Sk8shop Bonus Pack is for skate-lovers ages 6+. No batteries required.

Contents (per pack)

  • 1 Assembled Fingerboard
  • 5 Tech Deck Boards with Grip Tape
  • 2 Sticker Sheets
  • 20 Wheels
  • 1 Skate Tool
  • 1 Collectors Poster
  • 4 Skateboard Trucks
  • 26 Screws
  • 14 Nuts

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