USD Sway Team IV Aggressive Inline Skates White




The USD Sway Team IV aggressive skates have a really nice price-to-performance ratio. They are specifically designed for making tricks, grinds, and jumps on skateparks and streets. On these USD aggressive skates, you will find a one-piece and hard boot. This combination will provide you with great power transfer, a snug fit and good responsiveness. The USD Sway Team IV run small in size. We therefore recommend choosing one size up from your regular shoe size.

High-Cut cuff gives you maximum ankle support for stabilisation and reducing your muscle fatigue
Flat setup with wheels of the same size gives you a nice and stable base
Replaceable soulplate so you can grind with no worries
57mm wheels with a hardness of 88A and a wide profile for fast acceleration and solid landings of your tricks
UFS (Universal Frame System) is a mounting system that gives you plenty of opportunities when it comes to varying your setup and pairing different frames and boots
Shock absorbing liner reduces the effects of impacts
Stretchable toe area of the liner is flexible, providing a more comfortable and better fit
Removable liner adds convenience as it can be washed or replaced if needed
The combination of breathable mesh and foam in the liner will keep your feet comfy and well-ventilated
Remember to check the screws before first use and tighten them if necessary. Please also note that you have to regularly examine the condition of the screws afterward.


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