Volcom Bistro Snow Mittens Black/Floral Print - Womens

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If you’re one of those people who are always cold and whose fingers regularly freeze when queuing for the lift, then the Bistro mittens are just the right thing for you. Even if at the end of the day it’s a matter of taste, mittens are warmer compared to gloves, as your fingers keep each other warm inside mittens. This Volcom model is made from a 2-layer, water-repellent V-Science woven outer fabric with a sewn-in lining of brushed knit fabric that protects your hands from moisture, while you can count on the 150/200 g/m² polyfill insulation to keep them warm. There’s soft suede on the thumbs so you can wipe your nose while boarding and the short ribbed cuffs will keep your wrists warm as well and fit snugly under your jacket. The Easy-On tab on the wrist makes it easier to take them on and off and the ergonomic fit specially adapted for women will offer you full ease of movement, which you need on the slopes or in the daily grind. As the surfaces of the palms are particularly subject to wear in snowboarding, here they are durable and will not slip easily at all. The thoughtfully placed logo details are the “icing” on these already perfect mittens. Well, what are you waiting for? Into the shopping basket with them so you don’t need to keep your paws warm holding hot drinks any more!

Material: waterproof, V-Science 2-layer shell laminate
Emblem with logo
Patch logo on outside

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