World Industries Complete DVD Collection 1989-1996 3 Disc Box Set


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World Industries Complete DVD Collection 1989-1996 "World Industries rose to power at a pivotal time when modern street skating was still coming into its own. Under the banner of 'freedom', it wrestled power from a small oligarchy of companies and bestowed it into the ready hands of the most influential skaters of that era. The ensuing anarchy still echoes in the current culture and laid foundations for what has evolved into modern skateboarding.

This is the complete collection of World Industries videos, and it chronicles their influence as well as the rise of some of the greatest skaters of our day. While most 'bonus features' are generally no bonus at all, these have been painstakingly collected with 20-20 hindsight, supplemented with commentary from integral people, both then and now. Seemingly insignificant footage re-emerges with surprisingly portentous glimpses into what became woven into today. Most of all, for those that just focus on skating itself, this time-lapse log of that era's avant-garde during such formative years offers a discerning look into the nuance between progress and trend, of what stays and goes, so we can learn from our history and forge ahead with more clarity." Rodney Mullen.

Disc 1:
Rubbish Heap (1989)
Rodney Mullen, Steve Rocco, Mike Vallely, Jeremy Klein, Ron Chatman, randy Colvin, Jesse Martinez, Jef Hartsel, Felix Argulies, Chris Branagh, Chris Pastras, Billy Waldman, Mike Smith, Todd Congelliere and many more.

Two World Industries Men (1990)
Rand Colvon & Chris Pastras.

Bonus features:
Rubbish Heap commentary with Rocco and Rodney Mullen.
Two World Industries Men commentary with Chris Pastras.
Slide show of classic World Ind ads.
Unseen footage from '91.

Disc 2:
Love Child (1992).
Chico Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Spencer Fujimoto, Shilo Greathouse, Daewon Song, Jovante Turner, and last but not least, Jed.

New World Order (1993).
Chico Brenes, Kareem Campbell, Daniel Castillo, Shilo Greathouse, Richard Mulder, Shamil Randle, Daewon Song, Aris, Eric Koston, Brian Lotti, Guy Mariano, Henry Sanchez and Matt Schnur.

Bonus features:
Love Child commentary with Daniel Castillo and Shilo Greathouse.
NWO commentary with Shilo Greathouse and Richard Mulder.
Footage Vault/Never seen before footage - US am tour 92.
Transfer tape '92/'93 and 'The Making of a Line'

Disc 3:
20 Shot Sequence (1994).
Fabian Alomar, Kareem Campbell,Ronnie Creager, Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce, Sam Delvin, Jason Dill, Caine Gayle, Shilo Greathose, Gino Innauuci, Marcelle Johnson, Maurice Key, Chris Lambert, Kris Markovich, Jason MAxwell, Lavar McBride, Keenan Milton, Quy Nguyen, Shin Okada, Eric Pupecki, Henry Sanchez, Mike Santarossa, Clyde Singleton, Daewon Song, Joey Suriel & Billy Valdez.

Trilogy (1996).
Kareem Campbell, Gideo Choi, Ron Creager, Sam Delvin, Jason Dill, Shilo Greathouse, Gino Iannucci, Josh Kasper, Maurice Key, Enrique Lorenzo, Lavar McBride, Marcus McBride, Clyde Singleton, Daewon Song and more.

Bonus features:
20 Shot Sequence commentary with Clyde Singleton.
Trilogy commentary with Enrique Lorenzo
Transfer tap 95/95 and World US tour 96.