Rollersnakes is the original skateboard and streetwear store. For over thirty years we’ve offered footwear, clothing, accessories and hardware from the hard-to-find, the well-known and biggest brands in skate and street fashion.

We opened our first shop in Derby in 1985. Although small, we crammed in some of the hottest skate product from the likes of Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta and Vans. The shop quickly became a staple of the local scene, with skateboarders from across the midlands dropping by to pick up a fresh board.

As our following grew so did we, opening new shops across the midlands in Nottingham, Leicester and Stoke. Our Nottingham shop housed our first ever indoor mini ramp, which attracted some of skateboarding’s biggest names including Eric Dressen and Mark Gonzales. The ramp also featured in one of the most influential and ground breaking skate videos of all time Blind’s ‘Video Days’.

We cemented our passion for UK skateboarding during 1991 and 1992 producing arguably the first ever UK scene videos Rollersnakes ‘540’ and ‘720’. Alex Moul, Tom Penny and a young scouser by the name of Geoff Rowley featured heavily alongside skaters from all over the country.

During the mid-90’s we decided it was time to serve skateboarding beyond the midlands, concentrating on our growing mail order service. Sending products to the remotest areas of the UK via our catalogues, printed ads and our video magazine series ‘Videologue’.

The millennium soon rolled round and skateboarding was going wild. The release of Tony Hawk’s ‘Pro Skater’ video game threw skating in the faces of the masses, as well as giving birth to a whole new generation of skateboarders.

As skateboard and popular culture collided, the demand for skate fashion and streetwear exploded. With our phones ringing off the hook, and the Internet booming, we made the decision to close our shops and move everything to a warehouse in our hometown of Derby. Holding a massive selection of cutting edge products from the likes of Adidas, Carhartt, DC, Levi's, Nike SB and more. We had grown into one of the country’s favourite skate shops.

Even after a move to a larger HQ and an influx of new customers, we’ve always stayed true to our roots, remaining connected and supporting our core audience. Our shop now contains it’s very own mini ramp facility ‘The Vault’ which has seen the likes of Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman grace its transitions.

Lots has changed in the last thirty years, and we’re sure a lot more will in the next. One thing is guaranteed though, Rollersnakes and its dedicated team of staff will continue to offer our customers the best products, advice and service around.

Never Stop Rollin’