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Mindless Surf Skate Fish Tail Crusier Complete White - 29.5"

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Mindless Fish Tail Surf Skate. This surf skate has taken design ques from modern performance shortboard surfboards, creating a shape instantly familiar to surfers, this board looks like it’s been taken straight from your local line-up!

This surf skate has been designed for riders who love to perform tight rail to rail carves, wide open face roundhouse hacks, pump for speed down the line and draw effortless lines as you ‘mind surf’ your terrain.

If you’re new to surfing or haven’t caught your first wave yet, no problem! This board is stable enough for any rider to step on and start learning manoeuvres. If you’ve got surf experience already and you’re looking for a way to keep ‘surf fit’ and improve your technique when the waves are flat, then this Surf Skate is the perfect way to push your surfing to the next level.

Customisable & supplied with two hardness bushing for heavier & lighter riders, you can fine-tune the adjustable trucks to create a ride to suit your style. The deck has multiple truck mounting options allowing you to alter the wheelbase length which changes the turning capabilities. The deck top features ‘Barefoot Beach Grit Grip” which gives your foot maximum traction whether wearing shoes or riding barefoot without detracting from the board's looks.

What makes the board a surf skate? The Mindless Surf Skate truck differs front to rear truck achieving the perfect fast, tight, progressive ride. Fast turns, snappy cutbacks and super-smooth carving, perfect for all levels of riding.

Mindless tested every surf skate variation they could to get the smoothest ride possible. Washers, pivot cups, bushing hardness and heights were tirelessly swapped and tweaked to make the most of the precision geometry. What resulted is a near-perfect surf skate ride that easily rivals the biggest brands in surf skate tech.

Dimensions - Length: 29.5”, Width: 9.75”
Deck - 7ply Maple, Barefoot Beach Grit Grip, Surfboard style
Trucks - Mindless Surf Skate Trucks
Bushings - 82a fitted, 78a included.
Wheels - Mindless Viper 65 x 44mm, Contact patch 31mm, Centre Set Core
Bearings - ABEC-5 Chrome

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