Osiris D3 2001 Grey/Cyan

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The D3 2001 has a special sole construction. An "anti-impact" system with multiple helium chambers extends throughout the foot and turns the shoe into an impenetrable fortress of safety. Yes, we said helium chambers. Hard landings? No. Problem. The stabilizing midsole and an EVA insole do their part in adding even more padding to the shoe overall. You want grip? Feel the power that is patented Osiris Supergrip tread.

This legendary shoe isn't your modern, slim vulc construction, okay? That should be clear. The Osiris D3 2001 isn't even trying to be contemporary, but why always buy the same shit all the time? C'mon, you know you wanna try skating with these things. Collectors, nerds: it's your time to shine.

- official D3 2001 rerelease!
- synthetic, leather upper
- reinforced side panels w/ faux-leather
- durable rubber toe cap
- iconic shoelace eyelets
- optional shoelace protector
- 8-point ventilation system
- thickly padded tongue
- padded ankle
- anti-impact system in cupsole
- cushioning helium chambers
- stabilizing midsole
- cushioning EVA insole
- Supergrip sole


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