Supreme Turbo 33 Nylon Quad Skates White/Clear

SKU: ST33-W-C-43

£145 £185
Set Includes

Supreme Turbo 33 boots
Black Nylon Baseplate
Clear Supreme Rollers 62mm / 78a Wheels
ABEC 5 Bearings

All built up and ready to roll

Supreme Turbo 33 is the successor to the most classic and popular side by side roller skate ever, the Bauer Turbo 99. When Bauer ceased production, the Supreme took over the design and the Turbo 33 is therefore 100% based on the original. The boot has good fit and comfort and these roller skates will satisfy even the most demanding skater.

This nylon version of the Supreme Turbo 33 has a nylon chassis with the same geometry as the aluminium frame on the Supreme Alu and Bauer 99. The stiffness of the nylon frame is not completely comparable to the aluminium frame, which gives a little 'softer' driving characteristics, but in return the nylon frame is somewhat lighter, which is an advantage over longer distances

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