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The Heart Supply Squad Skateboard Deck Blue/Yellow - 7.75"

SKU: 027AW0J
Sale price£22.00 Regular price£50.00

Width 7.75"
Length 31.2"
Wheelbase 14"

About The Heart Supply The Heart Supply was established by Element founders Johnny and Kori Schillereff, and their children Lenox and Camp. After nearly 30 years since the inception of Element and working with countless skateboarders and creatives, we were amazed by the vision our children shared of how to nurture and bring progress to skateboarding today. Ironically a positive movement had been forming around us with individuals that encompassed the same values and love for the culture. From that, The Heart Supply was born to guide and support generations of likeminded skateboarders, artists - and brands to materialize their vision. - The Schillereff’s PORTION OF PROCEEDS GIVE SKATEBOARDS TO KIDS Our aim is to give kids the gift of riding their own skateboard and welcome them to the skateboarding community. We believe that the freedom, cultural diversity, and friendships developed from skateboarding are invaluable. Riding a skateboard is a creative, physical activity that sees no color, inspires equality, and builds self-esteem and awareness. Putting a skateboard under their feet allows them to roll towards positive opportunities and a happier, healthier life. THE CREATIVE DISTRIBUTION OUTLET FOR SKATEBOARDING CULTURE The Heart Supply is inspired by our passion and deep understanding of the skateboarding community. Spanning from art, photography and music - we aim to unite and collaborate with likeminded skateboarders, artists - and brands to materialize their vision.

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