Z-flex Surf-a-gogo Log Roll Longboard - 37"

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The 37" Log-roll Surfskate based off the popular Z-Flex Chipper shape and utilizes the patented Waterborne technology as a market first. This board is an exciting Surfskate longboard that allows tight turns and incredible speed generation from pumping the board. The board allows the rider to ride the nose, walk the deck and carve drawn-out turns with a 27.5" wheel base.

Length: 37"
Wheel Base: 27.5"
8 Layers
6.25" Powder-coated Z-Flex Trucks with 90A Soft Cushions
Patented Waterborne Surfskate adapter with 3x more turning then an ordinary skate truck.
63mm 83A Z-SMOOTH wheels
14 MM Z-Flex Riser Blocks


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